Wednesday, June 21, 2017

My Dear Creative Friends:

This summer brings fresh literary voices and amazing art from Azalea Art Press authors to the table. These very talented women all happen to be from the San Francisco Bay area, but their stories are universal and speak to the life journey we all share.  

Two memoirs -- one in verse by Maura Quilter, accompanied by original paintings by Barbara Bonds McDaniel -- and another vibrant account by Monique Parrish of life with her neglectful parents -- present equally fascinating accounts of women overcoming life-altering challenges. 

We also have a book of very poignant haiku and narrative verse by Maya Mitra Das, illustrated by multi-media artist Patti Edmon; and a charming children's picture book created by artist Carla Rempp to round out this season's offerings. 

We hope you will enjoy them and come visit us at our upcoming book parties. As always, I am so grateful for your support of independent publishing and for these very talented authors.

Happiness & Inspiration,

Karen Mireau
Founder & Literary Midwife

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